The 7 plant extracts contained in PSiO DRINK "AWAKENING" constitute an exceptional mixture for the awakening of the mind. Ginseng, Ginger, Acerola, Guarana will provide plenty of energy in combination with a detoxifying effect thanks to extracts of lime tree sapwood, prickly pear and milk thistle. In addition, practically every natural plant extract contained in the drink also has anti-aging cell virtues thanks to their anti-oxidants merits.


LaboratoireThe formulation of PSiO DRINK AWAKENING has been patented by Stéphane Dumonceau-Krsmanovic. Publication number: 1009502A7; Deposit number: 09500669.

Over the years, the formulation has been adapted and, recently, research has enabled a similar formula to be produced using plant extracts under the BIO label.

Biochemical components arranged by nature

To give an idea of the richness of the composition of PSiO DRINK AWAKENING, here is the list of biochemical components (quantities being analyzed at the Celabor laboratory in Liège).

Components & virtues

Vit A
Immunity and vision
Vit B1
Transmission of energy and nerve impulses
Vit B2
Glucose oxidation & energy release
Vit B3
Energy release and the nervous system
Vit B4
bases of DNA & RNA is used to create ATP = ENERGY
Vit B5
steroids, Vit D & neurotransmitters
Vit B6
reduces fatigue, depression, immunity ++ complete Mg reduces fatigue
Vit B7
stops alopecia. Good for skin, hair, nails
Vit B12
nervous system balance
Vit E
powerful anti-oxidant
Vit C (Acerola)
detoxifying & anti-oxidant, strengthens the immune system
aroma (fern note) anti-coagulant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, analgesic, anti-HIV
Caffeine (Guarana)
nervous system stimulant
nervous system stimulant
nervous system stimulant
Sylimarine (thistle)
Great against liver disorders, gallstones, liver detox, toxic chemotherapy, digestion disorders
powerful antioxidant, strengthens capillaries, improves microcirculation throughout the body, reduces aggregation and coagulation, Vit C synergy
Anti-oxidant +++, anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, immunity
Aspartic Acid D or L (1000) (Ginsenoside)
powerful, testo, and energ; Krebs, DNA -RNA + neurotrans constituents facilitate Na and Ca in neurons, memory ++ & learning
AA essential, precursor of glutathione (antioxidant and detoxifying heavy metals, ideal for oxidative stress)
glutamic acid
AA essential, precursor of glutathione (antioxidant and detoxifying heavy metals, ideal for oxidative stress)
AA essential precursor of serotonin (sleep, anti-depressant, regulates mood) anti-depressant
AA essential, facilitates the absorption of calcium, contributes to the formation of hormones and enzymes, fights herpes, reduces anxiety
Methionine (Fig)
AA essential, antioxidant, protects the liver, synthesis of taurine (AA) and cysteine ​​(AA), precursor of glutathione (anti-oxidant)
AA plays a role in immune protection, protein energy
Malic acid
chronic fatigue, ATP energy, component of the Crebs cycle, passes BBB and combines with Aluminum, detox, liver & gallbladder, fix heavy metals in the liver and elimination via intestines
Carotenoids (precursor Vit A)
same as B-carotene
Betacarotene (precursor Vit A)
vision & antioxidant, precursor vita A
citric acid
Energy Krebs ++, ATP
isocitric acid
Vit A
quinic acid (gr of coffee)
sour flavor
shikimic acid
anti-gripe, anti-inflammatory, analgesic
Bones, teeth, muscle contraction, nerve impulses
ditto nerve transmission + important enzymatic role
enzymes, deficiency asthenia, decreased white blood cells, hemoglobin, immunity, melanin production
Hmglobin, Myoglobin, cellular respiration, O2 transport, O2 storage in muscles
growth, immunity ++, neural functions, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant
limits insulin spikes, and sugar urges
nerve transmission & muscle contraction
transmission of nerve impulses, neuronal polarization, water balance,
not synthesized by the body, glutathione, anti-oxidant, immunity, thyroid
essential and allows production of red blood cells, composes B12, vascular disorders legs
allows the synthesis of superoxide dismutase; fight against oxidative stress
in bone system, teeth; taken at the same time as calcium promotes osteoformation
energy production, DNA synthesis
chlorine plays on the hydration of the body, maintains pH and gastric juices
athletic performance and cardiovascular health
ATP energy
slowly delivered ATP energy, sweetening power